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View of the well

I’ve been inspired by the excellent Holy Wells of Cork blog to start uploading some of my own photographs of holy wells which I’ve accumulated over the years.

Lady’s Well can be found on the edge of a stream at the far side of the ancient burial ground of Kilmocomogue in Kealkil, County Cork. Nicely maintained, and still very much an active site of pilgrimage by all indications, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite such an impressive accumulation of BVMs in one place before. There is a womb-like feel to the enclosure (appropriate enough considering the dedication) and the only entrance is via the narrowest of gaps in the stone wall as if to emphasise the pilgrim’s sense of return to the maternal wellspring. If you disregard the dismal weather and squint your eyes, there is an almost Mediterranean feel to the blue-and-white stonework that surrounds you.